Our Mission

BroadwayEducators.com believes that theatre can do many positive things. When it’s compelling this powerful, multi-disciplinary art form entertains, inspires and educates. It’s unique nature makes it capable of taking us on amazing journeys, connecting us with deep emotions and offering us new insights into ourselves, those around us and various cultures.


BroadwayEducators.com is devoted to helping teachers, students, families and groups connect with the theatrical experience in many different ways and on many different levels. They are also focused on working with producers and marketers, ensuring that their educational materials are interesting, thought provoking and sound on a curricular level.


We offer free materials to schools, teachers and anyone interested in learning more about a specific Broadway show, the professional theatre or the theatre as a communicative art form. We provide Broadway producers with state-of-the-art, groundbreaking study guides, and we offer public relations companies and marketers innovative ways to communicate and connect with audiences.


Please bookmark our site and use it as a resource. Here’s a partial list of what you’ll find at BroadwayEducators.com:


1)     Free Study Guides

2)     Free Educational Activities and Exercises for the Classroom

3)     Free Educational/Theatre Blog

4)     Free Broadway Show Information on Age Appropriateness

5)     You Rate It Interface—where you get to rate a Broadway you’ve seen

6)     Green Theatre Initiative—supporting environmentally sound theatre

7)     A Developing Platform to Support Education through Scholarships, Grants & Endowments

8)     Free Resources on:

Primary and Secondary Education

College, Conservatory Training and Graduate School

Professional Theatre: Profit/Commercial & Non-Profit

Community Theatre


This is just a short list of what you’ll find at BroadwayEducators.com.




BroadwayEducators.com believes that the theatre can be a powerful and effective teaching tool. Getting students involved in reading plays, seeing premium productions and working on shows can open up new ways of communicating and learning, enliven the imagination and change lives.


The primary connection to theatre for many students is their teacher—the person who may first assign a play to be read, organize a group trip to a Broadway show or direct the students in their school production.


BroadwayEducators.com is dedicated to working with and for teachers by providing them with useful materials for the study of plays and musicals, including study guides and other resources that they can use whether or not they are going to see a specific show. We also offer various resource links, our Educational/Theatre Blog, detailed information regarding theatre careers and much more.


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If you’re a student interested in learning more about a play or musical, how the professional theatre works, theatre history, careers in the theatre and any other subject connected to the stage, then BroadwayEducators.com is for you. We want to help students at all levels who are curious about this great art form—theatre.


We think you’ll find our Resources page especially helpful as well as our Educational/Theatre Blog. If you want to know more about theatre careers be sure to take advantage of BroadwayEducators.com’s free Careers in the Theatre Study Guide, which includes great video clips of some of the top people in the business, plenty of useful information and links that will help you understand how the theatre works. For more information related specifically to students follow this link.


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BroadwayEducators.com is deeply interested and invested in the family connection. Families can benefit greatly from a Broadway theatre experience. Whether your family is going to a show together or your children are attending a performance with a group (with perhaps you as one of the chaperones), we hope that you’ll use our pages to find resources, get information on a specific play in order to better understand the themes and issues or become more informed about the theatre. Please take some time to review our family oriented area.


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If you’re a Broadway producer, our groundbreaking study guides will enable you to connect with educators and school groups in a whole new way, making your production more attractive to teachers and compliant with school curriculums. Our guides are focused on bringing the production to light thorough interviews with actors, producers and various creative talents; classroom exercises that are tiered in terms of length of time to complete, depth and difficulty and assignments that meet curriculum benchmarks as set forth by the Common Core Standards. Here’s more information on the power of our educational products including our BroadwayEducators.com Study Guides




Along with being excellent resources for teachers and students, BroadwayEducators.com Study Guides and other related educational products are also immensely effective in branding a production, opening up new marketing channels and focusing and preserving the essence of the show. Utilizing and interfacing with an array of social media, Internet and technological platforms, BroadwayEducators.com will work with you and various facets of the production to maximize exposure of all parts of our study guides and other products. To discover exactly how BroadwayEducators.com can facilitate more exposure and greater group ticket sales navigate using this link.




BroadwayEducators.com believes that education controls the destiny of the Broadway theatre, the arts and the future of successive generations. In order to help facilitate education in various areas, we’re dedicated to creating a platform for scholarships, grants and endowments that are focused on education and the next generation. For more information on this initiative please contact us here.