Matilda The Musical Bullying and Positive Messages for Girls

The entire family, father, mother and brother, bully Matilda.
In the musical Matilda, Matilda's father is a horrifying bully. He belittles her and is billigerent. Bullying is an important and challenging issue for schools, children and teachers. Those who suffer from the wrath of a bully carry scars for years and often the effects can be permanent. How does bullying work? The bully uses various intimidation techniques to physically and psychologically torture their victim. How important and devastating is bullying? For specific information see the US government  website devoted to bullying, Along with defining the activity and its effect. this helpfl site also provides important information on how to stop it.

Matilda & The Bully

When Matilda The Musical arrives on Broadway in April 2013 it will have done so after winning seven Oliviers in London this year. This is a musical with a book that is filed with bullying. Matilda is an exceptional young girl who must overcome the power of two primary bullies—her father, Mr. Wormwood, and the headmistress of her school, Miss Trunchbull. Bullies choose to harrass those who they see as being vulnerable and Mr. Wormwood and Miss Trunchbull know the manner in which they can exploit Matilda's vulnerability. Although Matilda is quite gifted and immensely intelligent, the little girl does not possess the physical power nor the adult authority to free herself from those who misuse their power over her.

As an example, when her father sends her to boarding school, you might think there's hope for Matilda as she's finally free of her abusive dad. But it becomes clear quickly that Matilda's father has used his power to push her into a worse bullying situation. Headmistress Miss Trunchbull, the massive, man-like woman who runs the boarding school, is a terrible bully.

Miss Trunchbull harangues Miss Honey.
In Matilda, Miss Trunchbull loves to be the bully as she controls various people, including Miss Honey. Matilda is saved by her developing special powers, her bright mind and by someone else who had been and still is the victim of bullying—Miss Honey. Miss Honey, who is one of Matilda's instructors, helps her partl;y due to the fact that she understands firsthand what it is like to feel the unending ridicule and embarrassment of being bullied. (Like Matilda, Miss Honey was psychologically bullied by Miss Trunchbull, who is her aunt.)

Matilda is a Jolt of Optimism

Matilda The Musical is an optimistic theatrical endeavor. It’s a show with postive messages for those who are being harrassed by others, revealing that with help from good, kind people one can escape from the grasp pf an abusive person. It also offers a positive picture for girls who dare to utilize their intellenge and who seek to acquire knowledge and understanding. It is a wonderful and enterating  musical for those who seek affrimative messages.