Haiku Creative Assignment

This exercise offers students an innovative way to respond to a production they have seen by creating a haiku. It helps them focus on production specifics and create an intelligent reaction. This is appropriate for college and high school students.

View or download the exercise here:  Haiku Creative Assignment

Exercise Contributed by Sharon Paquette

Sharon Paquette is a theatre director, actor and professor. Sharon, who has extensive experience working on plays and theatre related activities with prison inmates, has a BA, from Westminster College; a Med from Plymouth State College; and a MFA from Goddard College.

  • Author Spotlight

    Sharon Paquette

    Sharon Paquette is a Director, Theatre Historian, Actor, and Teacher in New England. She is an instructor in Theatre at Pymouth State University, specializing in all of the above. She has directed for Jean's Playhouse in Lincoln, Little Church Theatre in Holderness, for many productions at Plymouth State University, and for theatre companies and universities around New England. She is a workshop teacher for Advice to the Players. She is a Reiki Master Practioner. She has a Masters of Fine Arts from Goddard College, a Master of Education from Plymouth State University, and a Bachelors degree from Westminster College. Read Full
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